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play safe

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Available anywhere, anytime, on all major platforms. Anissa All - University of Ghent. Unizo Starter of West-Flanders. Design X50 Innovative starter.

Bizidee Starter of the year. Tower Awards Starter of the year. Copyright Play it Safe! One severe work accident every hour in Belgium. Ivey on the other had is just so broken and the only thing she has ever wanted in her life is a home and family.

The Town — It is really hard not to fall in love with the setting of the majority of the story and how people in a small town can pull together to help each other out.

I loved seeing how everyone felt about this town and instantly realized why somebody just passing through might want to stay.

I got the town in the breakup. You were too good for me, I knew it and I figured you figured it out too so you moved on to better.

Lash - He was a great character and unusual. I really liked his relationship to Ivey and how they cared for each other and took care of each other.

It was great that she had such a good person to lean on in the time that she and Gray were apart. In this instant there was one big on that uber bugged me.

Not one person…he was her first, her last, her only and Ivey becomes celibate and was planning on being that way for the rest of her life.

While Gray never finds love but he has quite a few conquests in-between. Why is the girl again completely celibate but the man is off getting his rocks off whenever he wants.

I also both loved and hated that she had Lash in her life. I understood it and they both had their reasons. I was glad that Gray was so understanding once he understood what their relationship really was but it was difficult to deal with why Ivey had him in her life in the first place.

Overall This is a good emotional love story with strong roots in family and community. View all 8 comments. Feb 11, Jen rated it it was ok Shelves: Fair warning, you should step away from this post.

This will be a full on rant. I can take a big heaping spoonful of bullshit from contemporary romance books. Ivey was rescued from her deadbeat mother by her loving brother at the tender age of Since then, they survived life by hustling people at pool.

Guess who said hustler is? The teen girl is a pool hustler. Queue the eye rolling and manic laughter in 3, 2, Now, you may be thinking, how did our little teen hustler who was able to infiltrate adult pool places across the country even come to realize she can play?

Yes, you read that right. She was born knowing how to work the balls to the right angles and such. I mean, she can divide in her head and she can remember her exact balance.

Sounds like the makings of a mathematician to me! Wait for it, wait for it.. Anyway, fast forward to age 22 and she comes across a small town called Mustang.

While visiting the local bar, she sees our male lead and it was love at first sight. She must run away. She must play it safe. So she did what any girl would do, she went home with him so that she may stay safe in his house.

You know, in case the town jerk comes back to her hotel.. Because insta-love and all that.. When they get around to expressing their love, we find out our 22 year old hustler is a virgin.

So what more can a book offer besides a super realistic heroine and insta-love virgins, you ask? Oh you know how I just loveeee those..

Well, we got a big one, folks! The book goes something like this: Guys, you remember how I told you she was a natural pool shark?

I will spare you the insta-trust towards her murdering father and end this thing quickly. If you know me at all, you know I never DNF books. I have to stick it out to the end and rate it properly.

I am a self professed Kristen Ashley addict and have read over 40 of her books. I will admit, this is a rarity, but I cannot recommend this book.

So why 2 stars instead of 1? He can be really sweet. His sweetness was wasted on a lame story, but nevertheless his character was likable.

Now, I love lists. View all 21 comments. Jan 16, Dee Montoya rated it really liked it Shelves: When you are in a book funk I cannot say Play it Safe is my fave KA read or even that it satisfied me completely, but it did give my itch some minor relief.

In KA fashion, I got everything I was expecting: Predictable with those "you feel me moments and those "baby" endearments but I really needed this.

I was so happy to have been pleasantly surprised to have a fierce go-getter of a lady in the strong and smart Ivey. I love backbone and I love a gal who can give as good as she gets.

I hope KA writes a more books with Ivies all around! View all 6 comments. View all 4 comments. Jan 12, Kirsten rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mix in some drama, love, heartache, and humor, and you get a really great read.

Play it Safe definitely delivered At twenty-two, Ivey Bailey has no roots and nothing to call her own. When she was twelve, she escaped from home with her older brother, Casey.

Moving from town to town across the countr 4. She is a hustler. Her and her brother live off their instincts and their motto to play it safe.

But Ivey is sick of the game and tired of running. She wants to start a life and stay put. While in the town of Mustang, Ivey is relaxing at the local bar, having a beer, and yes, shooting pool.

All she wants to do is mind her own business and be off the clock, so to speak. So when a group of guys clue in to her skills, one in particular is not taking no for an answer when he wants to play her for money.

Needless to say, she cleans the table Thank goodness, a man a very sexy one at that witnessed the whole thing and is not going to let him get away with not paying up.

He knows her game, but he also knows she was not hustling, and knows that this guy is major trouble. He steps in to help her out, but also senses that this is not the end.

He is going to protect her, and then he is going to get her to stay. So many things happen after the initial encounter, as do all KA books.

In this book you will experience betrayal, jealousy, family drama, community, loss, love, and a bossy grandmother.

Though family and community drama seem to always occur in KA books, I was not expecting the angst when the pair are separated. This element made me enjoy the story even more.

Even though her heroes are very similar, there was just something about Gray that stood out. The same with Ivey. She was very innocent, yet badass at the same time.

Which I thought was hard to pull off, but she did it well. I had ear to ear smiles during a lot of it, and even had some blurry eyed moments.

You really do transport yourself into her work and feel the love. Would have preferred some Gray POV in this. Gotta love that male POV!

Would definitely recommend if you are already a fan. A small plea to Kristen You would pull it off flawlessly!

And what better place to start then with Lash! View all 22 comments. Well, KA certainly knows how to write emotions.

This one was gut wrenching. It starts with the past, we learn about Ivey, what she does for a living and why she keeps everyone out.

It was very difficult to read. And I tried, I really tried not to cry, and I made it to the last chapter. Then BAM, that one letter just got the tears rolling: Everything they both went through just because of one stupid assclown.

Loved the rest of the gang as well especially Lash what a great guy. Play It Safe is a classic book with everything you expect from KA.

A roller coaster of emotions from page 1 to the last page. May 13, AJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an absolute swoon-fest!!!

Apparently he also looks amazing in a pair of chaps nice! I absolutely loved him. He was such a gentleman, was never over the top with his Alpha-ness, never behaved like a jerk; he was honest and open, and he lo Loved it!

He was such a gentleman, was never over the top with his Alpha-ness, never behaved like a jerk; he was honest and open, and he loved Ivey with everything that he had.

Ivey is a great heroine - intelligent, intuitive, and desperate for a settled life after being dragged from town to town by her dirt bag brother as a hustler and living a life that she hates.

When she claps eyes on Gray she is instantly smitten and, having finally found something that she wants, she is prepared to stand up and fight for it, and I loved that about her.

These two were obviously into each other from the very start and after some very swoony protective manoeuvres from Gray, with Ivey taking care of him in return, Gray makes his move.

The beginning of their romance was beautiful to read including one hot-as-hell first kiss - phew! Obviously perfect for each other, they were honest, functional and crazy in love.

But it was also believable, and their actions and all of the resulting fall out was completely understandable! Years later, the chemistry is definitely still there, and when they see each other again and realise that they were betrayed, there was no game playing, they both confessed that they were still in love with each other and they jumped right back in.

The resulting reunion was beautifully written and absolutely magic. He missed that too. KA always does a great job of creating a circle of family and friends for her characters, and she does it again brilliantly here.

Their relationship was absolutely gorgeous, and I loved the way that they were there for each other. I also really liked the introduction of a character later in the book being deliberately vague here to avoid spoilers.

This was an amazing, beautifully written book. There is lots of emotion, lots of squee moments, lots of steam, a gorgeous HEA and a ridiculously swoony Epilogue.

KA at her absolute best! View all 39 comments. Oct 06, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know I sound like a broken record, but I love KA books.

This was awesome, sweet, heartbreaking and hot! It crushed me when they were pulled apart from each other.

Gray was passionate, caring and protective, but he had a quiet strength as well that ran deep. He totally had enough confidence in himself to not let that get him twisted, and no huge knock down, drag out f I know I sound like a broken record, but I love KA books.

He totally had enough confidence in himself to not let that get him twisted, and no huge knock down, drag out fight over it. I loved him so much more!!

When she found out what was going on, she immediately took action. I loved this book!! View all 25 comments. Grayson Cody, a macho man rancher cowboy who falls for a pool shark Ivey and their story takes a lot of twists and turns.

He gives her everything but they get played and they are torn apart for seven years.. Great supporting characters and just a great story!

Aug 31, K rated it really liked it. It was romantic, heartbreaking, breathtaking, and tragic all at the same time. Play It Safe is a story about a girl named Ivey.

At least not since she was Never really wanted to before. I had nothing else except my life, my health, and a special talent that made enough money to eat.

It progresses fast, but very beautifully. Then someone close to them tears them apart. I will say that the book started to lag a little bit towards the end.

Other than that their story was beautiful. Especially , her ex gay boyfriend Lash , and her bodyguard Brutus! He did love his sister once, but he just let the bitterness of a lost childhood consume him.

And as I stood, safe in the attentions of two men who loved me, I cried for another one who used to love me, who used to be everything to me. View all 14 comments.

A life shines of Beauty like nothing else when it follow stars!! A life shines of Beauty like nothing else when it follows the worst of heartaches..

A re-read on 27 June also, this marks my th book for the Goodreads reading challenge! Perfection in expression and just plain genius!!

A lovely tale with amazing story lines.. Oct 09, NMmomof4 rated it really liked it Shelves: Does it measure up to the standalones in my favorite Colorado Mountain series of hers?!

It was still enjoyable though. I like the cowboy type story every once in a while, so this also fed that craving. The main characters were likable, the side characters were great, the connection to each other was spot on Brief Summary of the Storyline: Ivey and her brother have spent years moving from town to town, and when she sees Grey for the first time she is considering breaking their "no connections" rule.

Grey is also instantly drawn to Ivey and helps her out of a bad situation. An event happens that separates them and many years later Ivey is shocked to find out that Grey is in trouble and needs her help.

There are some big reveals, some forces against them, some sweet and sexy moments, and a few suspenseful events There are a few parts that focus on a side character in 3rd person narrative.

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